Various Artists - Warehouse Vol.2

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After Cargo Edition celebrated its fifth anniversary with the sampler ?Five Years Of Cargo Edition?, the label is now back with its next, denser label compilation. ?Warehouse Vol.2? is being released with four exclusive tracks of various Cargo Edition acts. And this time all of them are already known from the label roster: Steven Cock, Ekkohaus, Sven Tasnadi and Michael Melchner.

Steven Cock?s track ?Sweet Beat Drop? from the previous EP ?Warehouse Vol.1? became one of the greatest hits for Cargo Edition. The latest track by this Dresden-based artist, ?Right Thing?, is a very minimalist house track that perfectly masters the tricky balancing act between deep house, reduced techno and soul.

During the past few weeks, Ekkohaus has spent a lot of time in the studio, working on several projects, including his next release on Cargo Edition. With ?Unfamiliar? he is giving us a little preview of his current work. Once again clearly recognizable are the traditional house-music influences typical of his sound, as well as the ease with which his beats roll through a bouncy groove.

?Rules? by Sven Tasnadi comes across in a similar way. It reaches its climax in a mesmerizing vocal loop that gives the track a soul-like flair. After last year?s ?Petit Four EP? and the track ?Mr. Ray?, which was produced together with Juno6 for the ?Five Years Of Cargo Edition? compilation, the Leipzig-based artist is impressing audiences again with his consistent sound.

The fourth track of the record ? ?Igloo? by Michael Melchner ? seems to be considerably influenced by the Wild Pitch style of the nineties. The track abounds with an energy that is created rather by the additional drums than by the rampant modulation of the keyboard sequence. The classic ?Michael Melchner sound? captivates audiences again and again with its understatement and depth. Among other things he recently released two tracks on the Oslo label.

Supported by: Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli, Martin Eyerer, DJ T, Chris Tietjen, Marco Faraone, Super Flu, Delete, ONNO, Andrew Grant, Stacey Pullen, Enzo Siragusa, Joshua Iz, Martinez, Clive Henry, Shinedoe, Reboot, Raresh, Slam, Gavin Herlihy, Meat, Julietta, Federico Molinari, Chris Lattner, Anthony Colllins, Nick Curly, Jimpster, Arado, Kabale Und Liebe, Tiefschwarz

A1: Steven Cock - Right Thing 8:24

A2: Ekkohaus - Unfamiliar 6:51

B1: Sven Tasnadi - Rules 6:44

B2: Michael Melchner - Igloo 7:51

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