ill & Project: Mooncircle presents Jinna Morocha

Sa 16.06.2012 * 23:59
Reeperbahn 25
20359 Hamburg

Jinna Morocha (Finest Ego, Project:Mooncircle/Berlin),
Mendoza (No Brainer, Audiolith, Jeudi Basement),
Leekon (MFOC, Golden Pudel) Joney (ill, Saturate!)

AK: 8,00 Euro

Beschreibung zur Veranstaltung:
This is a story about a young Russian girl named Jinna
Morocha who had a vision of one day flying to the
Moon. Many years ago during the hard times of life in
Moscow, the young girl saw the Moon consciously for
the first time and at that very moment the dream
began. These vivid thoughts remained in her mind and
she started to ask herself “How can I get to the
Moon?“. Soon she found the label Project: Mooncircle
over the internet and told them her story, at once she
saw a chance to come a few steps closer to her dream.
By now Jinna lived in Germany and it was possible for
her and the label to meet, her key question was “Can
you bring me to the Moon?“. The answer was a
faltering “No, but maybe we can let you fly to the Moon
in mind. Let?s build the soundtrack to this vision, close
your eyes, clear your thoughts and let us begin on your
journey“. Weitere Geschichten vom Mädchen das zum
Mond fliegen wollte und illustre Gäste, gibt es dann
verpackt als Basswelle, in der gemeinsamen Nacht mit

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